G.Y.M. Youth Ministry Level 9-12

Coming Events (see our calendar on the youth ministry page)

The goals and objectives for the G.Y.M. program are the same as they are for GENESIS.

Participation is open to all youth grades 9-12.
Youth are encouraged to invite their friends from another parish or another religion.
Level 9 is considered an overlap year in terms of participation. In other words our youth in level nine can participate in any GYM event at any time or any GENESIS event at any time or both as they choose.

Like GENESIS our high school youth ministry revolves around Faith Formation, helping our youth understand their world in light of the Gospel and the message of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to provide a variety of opportunities for our youth recognizing that at this age especially one size does not fill all. 


Festival of Praise Prayer Sessions

Participation in Diocesan events.

Summer Youth Conference at Franciscan University of Steubenville in Steubenville Ohio including Franciscan LEAD

Regional Kairos Retreats

Each year in the April/May/June time frame Youth Ministry celebrates the accomplishments of our youth by giving Diocesan and Parish awards from the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry. In addition we always nominate a teen for the prestigious Union League of Philadelphia Good Citizenship Award. There are general qualifications for these awards and they are as follows:
  • Lives as a disciple of Christ, setting a positive example for other youth
  • Witnesses to their Faith by exhibiting Catholic morals and integrity
  • Demonstrates Gospel values through service to others
  • Exhibits Christian Leadership in parish, school, and/or community settings.
  • Regular participation at weekly Mass and routine reception of the Sacrament of Penance

The most important qualification, however, is that the above be exhibited in our parish and that it be visible and evident to the Youth Minister. The above qualifications are met by many of our youth. And, for example, if they are exhibited and very evident at public or private school, than the award can be given by the school. If they are to be given by the parish these qualifications have to be exhibited in parish youth ministry through involvement and participation. Examples of how this is done are the following:

  • YDISCIPLE participant
  • GENESIS teen leader (10th 11th & 12th)
  • a regular participant in activities associated with GYM in 9th 10th 11th and 12th grade
  • participant in weekly prayer services
  • secondary catechist assistant with our PREP program
  • sacristan
  • participant in Steubenville Youth Conferences
  • participant in Steubenville LEAD
  • participant in GENESIS/GYM service opportunities
  • participant in GENESIS/GYM spiritual programs such as penance services and bible study
  • lector or musician/singer at youth Mass

I am probably forgetting some examples but this gives you a very good idea. Not to say that an awardee has to participant in everything at all times. That would be unrealistic. But they must be involved and the more involved the better. We have a very active youth ministry program, offering many opportunities to our youth so if they are going to be nominated for an award they have many opportunities to earn it.

The awards that we give are the following:

  1. St Timothy Award: The highest recognition from the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry, is presented to young men or women in their junior or senior year of high school for outstanding leadership and service to their church and community. This award is presented on the Diocesan level and youth are nominated by their youth minister.
  2. Discipleship Award: The Parish/School Youth Award is presented to youth who respond to the call to discipleship through service or ministry to their parish or school community. This award is presented on the parish level and youth are nominated by their Youth Minister.
  3. Union League Award: Awarded to: A junior in high school; demonstrates hard work and fair play; is a member of the nominating organization (Archdiocese of Philadelphia) in good standing; has personal attributes of honesty, courage, tolerance, curiosity and loyalty; endeavors to follow and uphold the best traditions and principles of American patriotism; chosen without regard to race, ethnicity or religion

The nominating process consists of the following:

  1. A form is mailed to each nominee with a cover letter.
  2. It is filled out using the criteria above as well as their own input that may go above an beyond the criteria listed such as their involvement at school. Involvement at school is secondary to involvement in their parish community.
  3. Nominees are selected and awards presented at scheduled awards Mass